Lacey Tops + Skinny Scarves

Summer time, oh summer time! How you making us wearing less, shorter, lighter clothes…

A white mini skirt it’s definitely a summer staple, but a fitted sexy top or bodysuit in this case it’s a all year around go to.  The embroidery , tinny straps and décolletage on this one is for sure making it a feminine and sexy one.

Me personally whenever i wear something like this, a low V neck top or a off shoulder one it kinda making me feel bare (which it should:)) and that’s why i need that one accessory to make me feel complete.

Skinny scarf it does the job, this simple piece can put a fresh spin on any outfit. And you don’t have to brake the bank to add that cool element , you can make it at home from any kind of fabric you desire. Take a look into your wardrobe and see what you can use to recreate the look.

I took this one from an old blouse of mine that i wasn’t wearing anymore. But its waist tie became my coolest accessory 🙂

ZARA Skirt & Bodysuit / Gucci Heels / Zac Posen Handbag / D&G Sunnies / Skinny Scarf (see some that i love here )

shot by  Ryan Purcell 




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