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It’s treat yourself season ladies!!!

And by treating yourself i mean investing not only in your wardrobe with shoes, bags and some other stuff that we all love, but investing in your skin care products. Because after all, your face is your business card and that’s why skin care it should be a priority.

I knew and red about SK-II products before, but i never really dared to buy and try some of it, as they are kinda pricey and do not give you samples like other skin care lines. Being a product of Japan on my trip to South East Asia i would see it everywhere. Well, while i was in Singapore i decided to splurge a little on skin care and i finally bought my first SK-II Pitera Essence Set and the R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Moisturizer along with other products from other lines.

Call me crazy, but i can swear that by the next day after using it i could see a difference in my skin. The “Facial Treatment Essence” from the Pitera set become my favorite. I would use it every morning and evening before bed just like the way you’d use your daily toner following with the moisturizer. My skin visibly became firmer and more radiant, just like i would look after getting a facial. The Pitera Essence Set finished it pretty quick, and i had to buy the regular size bottle of the “Facial Treatment Essence”, but this kit it was a good way to try the products for less money. Essentially you are paying for the Essence, and you get a sample mask and a travel size clear lotion.

I am not saying that this is the best skin care line out there and you should definitely  get this one cause it would be the solution to your skin problems. Yes, it does work for me, but i also did some changes in my diet that i know it helps improving my skin as well. So if you think that there is more than just relying on skin care products that you should pay extra attention, then take actions.

If you are looking to try this skin care line, i definitely recommend to start with the SK-II Pitera Essence Set, it won’t break the bank and it also makes a great holiday gift for someone you love.

If you have any skin care favorites, i would love to hear from you!!!

Until next time, Tati 💋

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