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In today’s post I’m going to tell you about my latest beauty routine, (i think i can call it that way:)) — teeth whitening. We all know that teeth are playing a major roll in our everyday life and first impressions when you meet someone can set the tone.

Now, i might not be that person that smiles big in front of the camera and show off my teeth, but trust me, i like to have a nice, clean and bright smile. But i do also love me some coffee every day and some dark chocolate from time to time:)  And that’s why i gotta stay on top of my teeth whitening game. I have used multiple home teeth whitening kits before and also tried the laser teeth whitening at the dentist office. Yes, i did have some results, but the sensitivity after the process was unbearable. When i came across Smile Brilliant i thought that there is just another teeth whitening competitor on the market, but it didn’t take me long enough to realize that i was wrong and that i finally found a whitening system that works for me.

Smile Brilliant  it’s so easy to use. In the mail i received a complete kit that includes all the necessary materials to get you started: a step by step instruction guide, trays and pastes to make molds for your custom fit trays, whitening gel and desensitizing gel. To begin your teeth whitening experience, first you need to create your personal whitening trays. To do that you create molds of your upper and lower teeth in the impression trays using the catalyst and baste paste, and then you insert them in the prepaid envelope provided along with the form and ship it to the lab.

When you receive back your personal trays you ready to go head and start whitening. For best, faster results use it daily. Apply the whitening gel and keep the trays on between 30min – 1hour (depending on how much time you have), and right after whitening you do the desensitizing process for about 15-20 min to help avoid sensitivity. Honestly i was very happy about this desensitizing gel to try, because like a said, my previous whitening experiences followed by painful  sensitivity were not pleasant at all. This time using Smile Brilliant i had experienced ZERO sensitivity. Yaaay!!!


All these opinions are true to myself you guys, and when i decided to partner up with Smile Brilliant i agreed to write this review and create a giveaway only if I’m pleased with this whitening kit and the whole process. To enter the GIVEAWAY and win a whitening kit for yourself click here and if you’d like some $$$ off your purchase use coupon code: fashionbytatib

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to #SMILEFEARLESSLY 😃

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         *this post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant


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