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Today’s post is about “The Knee Shorts”, or how lately everyone has been raving about “The Biker Shorts”.  This style it has been very popular back in the 80’s and worn by many celebrities like Madonna and even Princess Diana. You can hardly get through a summer/fall-ish morning Insta session without seeing at least couple photos of someone wearing the bike shorts and dad sneakers. It seems that the casual daywear look it’s a very consistent mood right now.

I have never owned a pair of the actual biker shorts or at least the athleisure looking ones. But i can tell you that i have always been a fan of the knee length shorts. And this particular ones are an old pair that i been wearing time to time before they made a huge comeback last season. I personally love them, i think they are very chic and sophisticated. For a polished look i paired them with this amazing linen blazer and black summer sandals. And guess what ?— already ordered me a pair of the sporty ones as well 🙂

How about you guys? Are you loving the 80’s shorts or not so much? I’m really curious to find out!


Theory Blazer / Massimo Shorts / Tony Bianco Sandals  / Forever 21 Sling Bag / Poppy Lissiman Glasses 




shot by Viva Lux Photography


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