“The Art Of Style”

Hi guys! Last week i attended “The Art Of Style” fashion event featuring a local
Atlanta designer Sherie L. Nevett spring/summer 2015 collection. It was my first time attending her show and i was incredibly impressed of her modern, cool, funky style!
The collection had it all. Fringe, sequins, edgy looks, bold cuts and bright colors. It was really a mixture of current and traditional trends.

The show was dazzling! Unlike most shows where the lighting is the traditional white lights, this was a show with different lighting style. At first it took some getting used to and made it a bit challenging to observe, but once you got used to it and understood the concept, it was great. The dark purple set the mood along with the music as we were in for quite a treat.

One thing i loved was that after the final walk through of all the models, they then returned and stood like living mannequins for you to explore their wardrobe and take photos.
with the designer: Sherie L. Nevett
As of my outfit, i mixed a little cream, a little olive green:) a little brown and that’s how i came up with my clean neutral look. As long as you stay color coordinated, don’t be afraid to mix different shades. Experiment and have fun!!!!!!
Topshop skort /  H&M turtleneck / Danny&Nicole jacket / Alejandro Ingelmo heels
see the collection SherieLNevett

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  1. March 27, 2015 / 7:18 pm

    Very chic and unique! Happy weekend!

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