The Bigger the better – blazer crush

A well tailored blazer is good, but an oversized one with shoulder pads and all it’s a whole lot better. At least that’s how i feel at the moment about this men’s blazer. I’ve always liked to apply  a masculine influence into my wardrobe, and i often shop from the men’s department. The key is all about proportions and balance when you are incorporating a men’s piece into a feminine outfit.

I paired it with a dress, even though this dress is quite edgy and mod, it’s still a dress (lol) and it shows my legs a little bit. And of course my favorite boots at the moment that everyone has been asking me about. They are so comfortable, i’m totally digging this little heel and the best part is that they go well with everything.  They also come in brown color and in a flat version as well.

Last but not least i wanted to tell you guys about these particular sunglasses. You are  probably thinking that i’m wearing the same Celiné sunglasses that i’ve been wearing a lot, but they are not. On the day of shooting this outfit somehow i forgot mines at home. Luckily my friend was wearing these that they are very similar to the designer ones, but the price tag says otherwise!!! Gotta love an affordable version that gives you the same style effect. So if you guys looking for a similar style i totally recommend you check these $10 ones. #WORTHIT

 Burberry Dress / Classic Collection Men Blazer / Fendi Bag / Boots / H&M Earrings




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