Wide Waisted Belt

Hello my Style Lovers!

We all know that trends come and go, and after some years the same trend slightly changed it will definitely be back and cool again.

Well … when wide belts , corsets and corset inspired belts came out last season everyone or at least a lot of you ladies were intrigued by the trend. I was too, and not for the first time. I got to rock this trend years ago, like more than ten when i was in high school ( say whaaaaat? ) yeah, that was a long time ago. That time it was more of a corset instead of the belt and i also wore it with a white button up, but with a pencil skirt. I was always a lover of a classic black & white look and that one had to be one of my  favorite and most memorable one from my very young age of fashion. I even shared some of throw back pictures on my instastories a while back if anyone remember that.

Long story short, I’m loving the trend and I’m happy that is back. It can be worn in so many style options, over a shirt, shirt-dress, however you prefer. Either way it accentuate the waist and it adds a feminine touch to your outfit.

What do you guys think?

Happy Friday everyone!!!

ZARA Shirt & Belt / Joe’s Pants / LAMB by Gwen Stefani Heels /  Zac Posen Bag  / Ray Ban Sunglasses 

shot by gossettphotography.com

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